Horizons’ Third Summer, 2015

Horizons 2015, tooHorizons 2015

I’m always a bit melancholy after finishing another summer practicing mindfulness with the amazing Horizons’ children at Ole Miss.  My heart is so full when I am practicing with these children. Their little faces are extraordinary and so reflective of their experiences.  I am reminded once again that most children at these young ages (rising 1st grade through 4th grade this summer) are naturally mindful and have a much easier time actually staying in the present moment than we do as adults. All of the Horizons’ children come from challenging socio-economic backgrounds and homes in which there is likely little time to practice and appreciate being calm and peaceful. Therefore, I am deeply grateful when I can see that they “soak up” the careful attention that I give to them, and in return they demonstrate their innate little human being desire to be safe, happy, healthy, peaceful and free.  May it be so.

Horizons at the University of Mississippi is a key initiative in the McLean Institute for Public Service and Community Engagement’s mission to fight poverty through education in Mississippi.  http://horizons.olemiss.edu/

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